Important Notice:

This domain is now used for private/non commercial purposes. If you are looking for great Devs I recommend (Trust me they are awesome even though they have dash in the domain name :P )
If you really need to urgently get in touch with me - You can follow this pseudo code statement as a guideline

 	if (You don't know the meaning of the word urgent) {
		 Look it up!
	} elseif (You have time to search for definitions online) {
	 	 Chances are, it's not really that urgent to get in touch with me, e.g. you are not in risk
	  	 of getting eaten by sharks/guinea pigs/whatever - so please don't. Seriously, pretty please! Leave me alone.
	} else { Angry elderly guinea pig with a limp is gnawing at your ankle, and/or your life/family/pet is in danger,
		 and I'm the only person on the planet that can save you - get in touch with me at: 
If you must >_<